Health And Safety

Health And Safety

Pet Health Care to make your dog or cat walk with a swaggy wag wag!

PetHangout  knows that you only want the best for your pet’s health.   A healthy pet has vitality, energy, tail wags, and a happy face that is ready to play.    Are you concerned about your dog’s overall health or your cat’s dry and flaky skin?  We are committed to bringing you the very best in pet health care to ensure your dog or cat is looking and feeling their best always.  Whatever your pet health needs are, you can trust PetHangout to deliver.   We are always researching for the ultimate pet care products to increase your pet’s health.     Specific product you need?   Drop us a quick email at or call us at 877-860-1278.

Among our assortment:

  • Is your doggie’s breath a little bit “stinky”?   Well, this is perfectly normal, especially for older dogs, and is directly tied to their dental hygiene.   Although you may be feeding your dog premium dog food,  you will still want to give them dog dental chews to help with plague build up on their teeth.     A great choice for cleaning are these dental rings that dog’s seem to love!
  • As your pet ages, it becomes increasingly important to complement their nutritional needs by giving them cat or dog supplements.   The proper supplement can minimize or even turn around some of their aging health challenges.  For senior dogs, their joint health is sometimes compromised from regular daily exercise.   A great choice to help alleviate pain and stiffness is Lola Bean’s Aches and Discomfort chewables.   A key ingredient in these tabs is Glucosamine.   Doctors are insistent that Glucosamine is a primary supplement that will help joints move with ease.
  • What is the #1 battle for your pet?   Staying away from those pesky fleas and ticks?     A dog can get a flea or tick on them just by going outside to potty so it is imperative that you provide a dog flea treatment on a consistent basis or you will have a huge problem on your hands!   Fleas cannot only wreak havoc on your pet but can also create an infestation in your home.   Should the unthinkable happen, you can stop them dead on your pet with this Natural Flea & Tick Spray.   For your home, we recommend Home Flea & Tick Spray for zapping them in the blink of an eye.
  • Keeping your pet safe is a vital part of keeping them healthy and happy.   You always want to make sure that your dog is kept in a safe area away from objects or situations that will harm him or her.  Dog gates are a wonderful way to keep them in or out of an area!    For example, you may want to keep your dog in a certain area to confine the pet hair for easier cleaning or you may want to separate an animal from another or from a baby playing on the floor.  Whatever your reason, the Versagate is a perfect choice because it can be configured into so many different layouts.

PetHangout is so excited that you are here to solve your pet's health issues.    Questions?  Send us a message or call: (877) 860-1278.


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