I named my dog "5 Miles" so I can tell people "I walk 5 Miles every day".....LOL!!
- Unknown ~
Fall is the perfect time to head outside for a brisk walk with your pet!It gets their blood flowing which helps strengthen their immune system!
- ~ Pet Hangout ~

Dog Dresses

Dog Dresses

Dress your pooch in the most precious Dog Dresses for their special occasion!

PetHangout has gorgeous dog dresses as part of our Dog Apparel Collection.   When you take your pooch on a special outing,  we know you want her to look the very finest.   Our variety of dresses will excite and delight.   Make sure she feels like the queen girl in one of these pretty little dresses.  

Among our assortment:                                                           

Questions on our cute dresses?   Drop us a note or call 877-860-1278.   We will fix up an answer in a snap!

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Ballerina Slipper Dress

   Ballerina Slipper Dress Dress your little girl in a pre..


Blue Belle Dress

 Blue Belle Dress This dress will make your pup look like a Summer Day!P..


Denim Dog Dress

 Denim Dog Dress One of our Top Sellers and with daisies!PetHangout&..


Festive Holiday Dresses

  Festive Holiday Dresses A beautiful and festive dress for your pu..


Fiesta Floral Dress

  Fiesta Floral Dress A dress that  yells butterflies, blooms,..


Iridescent Lace Dress

  Iridescent Lace Dress An absolutely elegant satin little number! ..


Lady Bug Dress

   Lady Bug Dress Lady Bugs are a sign of good luck and fa..


Pink Flamingo Tank Dress

  Pink Flamingo Tank Dress The cutest ever mingo of a dress! ..


Pink Striped Tank Dress

  Pink Striped Tank Dress A pretty little summer number for yo..


Polka Dot Lace Dress

  Polka Dot Lace Dress The girliest of girls dresses for your l..


Polka Dot Mermaid Dress

   Polka Dot Mermaid Dress The prettiest of colors in this..


Polka Dot Tulle Dress

   Polka Dot Tulle Dress Make your pup a pretty little bal..


Pumpkin Tutu Dress

  Pumpkin Tutu Dress Your lil’ Pumpkin can look the part now!..


Ruffle Jewel Dress

  Ruffled Jewel Dress Ruffles on top of ruffles with this pretty li..


Ruffled Panties

   Ruffled Panties How precious are these?PetHangout&nbs..