Dog Houses

Dog Houses

Dog Houses to make your dog feel like the King of the Hill!

When your dog is sleeping outdoors, PetHangout knows you want to provide them with the best shelter possible.   From our Cool Dogs category, we introduce our wonderful homes for dogs.   They are made from 100% premium quality materials to keep the harsh elements away from your sweet dog or puppy.    It is proven that a dog feels very secure and safe in a cozy dwelling that they feel is home.    We have a great selection of cool dog houses and know you will find the perfect one for your pet!

Among our  assortment:

  • Log Cabins - let your dog get in touch with the wildlife
  • Natucket styles - so your dog can feel the ocean breeze at his doorway
  • Rustic styles - let your dog relax on the covered front porch

If you are looking for a house that we do not carry, please drop a note or call 877-860-1278.   We will search high and low to find your dog's perfect house!

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Club House - L

Dog Club House - Large PetHangout offers this very cool Large Dog Club House ..


Club House - M

  Dog Club House - Medium PetHangout offers a very cool Dog Club House as ..


Club House - XL

Dog Club House - Extra Large PetHangout offers a Dog Club House as part of our ext..


Dog’s Inn

DOG’S INN Pethangout is absolutely thrilled to offer this adorable dog house as part of the..


Log Cabin - L

LOG CABIN DOG HOUSE – LARGE Pethangout offers a dog house for the outdoorsy dog as part of ..


Log Cabin - M

Log Cabin Dog House – Medium Pethangout offers a very cool Log Cab..


Log Cabin - S

Log Cabin Dog House – Small Pethangout offers a very cool Log Cabi..


Nantucket - L

NANTUCKET DOG HOUSE – Large Pethangout offers this Nantucket Dog House in size La..


Nantucket - L - BrnWh

NANTUCKET DOG HOUSE – Large Brown/White From our dog houses collection, Peth..


Nantucket - M

NANTUCKET DOG HOUSE – Medium Pethangout offers this Nantucket Dog House in size M..


Nantucket - M - BrnWh

NANTUCKET DOG HOUSE – Medium Brown/White Pethangout offers this Nantucket Do..


Rustic - L

Rustic Dog House - Large PetHangout is very excited to offer  TRIXIE’s Rustic Dog Hous..


Rustic - M

Rustic Dog House - Medium PetHangout is very excited to offer  TRIXIE’s Rust..