“The reason a dog has so many friends is that he wags his tail instead of his tongue.”
- Unknown ~
Outside kitty cold? Turn a cardboard box upside down, cut out a small opening, and place a heated or self heating mat inside. Add a cuddly blanket for extra warmth.
- ~ Pet Hangout ~

Dog Shirts

Dog Shirts

Has your doggie been beggin for a cool new tee shirt or jersey?

PetHangout offers the best dog shirts from our Dog Apparel Collection.    How fun is it to dress your dog up in a cool tee shirt or sports jersey?   It makes them even more adorable than before.   Our assortment of dog shirts are wonderful for just chiilin out around the house,  a trip to the park, or a wonderful picture taking moment.

Among our assortment:                                                           

Questions on our shirts?   Drop us a note or call 877-860-1278.   We've got it covered!

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Striped Polo Dog Shirt

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