Cool Pet Treats


  • PetHangout wants to reward you, our loyal customer, who continues to visit, engage in our conversations, and purchase from us.    You are the reason we wake up everyday and get excited to get right to work for you and your pet.    It is our way of showing our gratitude to you for becoming part of the family.   We know you have a zillion places to shop for your pet and we are honored that you trust us with your pet needs.  
  • Once your purchases with us reaches the indicated level (shown below), we will happily send you a CoolPet Treat to your inbox!   It is that simple.   CoolPet Treats can be used on our site like a regular credit.   Once you apply it at checkout, your balance due is decreased.


How to earn a CoolPet Treat

You Spend:Your "treat":
$100.00$5.00 **
$200.00$10.00 **
$300.00$15.00 **
$400.00$20.00 **
$500.00$25.00 **
$600.00$30.00 **
$700.00$35.00 **
$800.00$40.00 **
$900.00$45.00 **
$1,000.00$50.00 **

** A "treat" can only be used once.   Non transferable.   No expiration.  Your spending amount is total spent for the year (not per order).

If you have questions about PetHangout's CoolPet Treats, drop us a quick note   or send us an email: