Probiotic Miracle
Probiotic Miracle


Probiotic Miracle

PetHangout is helping your dog’s stomach with our Probiotic Miracle.     We are so proud of all of our natural supplements and topicals and know you will be too.

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Why we are lovin’:

  • Helps your dog digests foods better
  • Multiple types of enzymes help everything from inflammation to heart health
  • Key minerals help better absorption and delivery of enzymes
  • Size:  132 g
  • Enzymes included:
    • Bromelain: Has anti-inflammatory properties to help your dog’s arthritis
    • Cellulase & Hemicellulase: Breaks down fiber to aid in the elimination of toxins
    • Lipase: Metabolizes fats (lipids) and triglycerides for a healthy heart
    • Amylase  & Diastase: Breaks down carbohydrates into energy for your dog
    • Beta-Glucanase: Breaks down fiber, fungi, yeast, and bacteria
    • Proteases: The most important enzyme for your dog’s digestion.   It breaks down meats and proteins into amino acids to aid in the better digestion of food. 

PetHangout has more health supplements for the pet you love!  Check out our full assortment of dog supplements and cat supplements now.

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Probiotic Miracle

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