How to Memorialize Your Precious Pet Forever

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How to memorialize your precious pet



Listen, we get it.  


You have your precious pet with you for a part of your life.  They steal your heart and make you happy in so many ways.

Whether your pet was with you for a shorter period of time or for many, many years, it’s only fitting to do something special to remember them by after they cross over the rainbow bridge.

Every time you see their memorial, it will bring warm and loving feelings back to the special times you were able to spend with your sweet pet.

And what better way to help a friend deal with losing their pet than to give them something to remember and celebrate their fur baby.    


 It’s such a special way to let your friend know that you care, you hurt with them, and you are there.    Memorializing a friend’s pet who has passed sends so much love and care their way.    


They will never forget how thoughtful you were at a time when they were experiencing the loss of a beloved pet.



Here are 10 ways to memorialize your precious pet forever:


1 - Make a beautiful watercolor portrait of the pet.    


If you have a decent pic of them, then you can do this.   You could either do a bust portrait with a wreath around them or them peeking up from the bottom or side of the portrait.   Pet Hangout’s proprietary process can extract the pet out of most pics, then apply a special process to render a watercolor version of the picture.      

It’s so gorgeous and looks like you spent a mint working with a watercolor artist.

Check out some work that we have done for some of our customers… These gorgeous prints began from an actual picture of our customer's pet!   You can order through Pet Hangout or Sassy Sam & Co.    We are sister sites!


Watercolor pet print  Watercolor pet print in wreath

Lillie Joe watecolor pet print


Sheba and Max watercolor print


Jackie watercolor print


Maxwell and Snow White watercolor print



2 - Do a print with a back view of your dog’s breed.    You could select any text to put on the print as well.    This is a great option if you do not have a good picture of the pet.


Back view print of 2 dog breeds.

Zach and Lacey back view of breeds

Lily Grace Memorial Pet Print


3 - Do a print with a front view of your dog’s breed.    You could customize with your dog’s name and an optional text like, ‘forever in our hearts’, for example.     Again, this is another great option if you do not have a good picture of the pet.


4 - Create a mug, t-shirt, keyring, tote bag, etc. with the pet’s picture on it.      What a great way to keep the pet alive and in your life (or your friend’s life) every day!

Make a mug with your pet's pic



5 - Make a donation to a worthy cause in memory of the pet.   The Human Society has a special program where you can give in memory of a person or pet.     And for a minimum of $25, they will send a special card to any named recipient telling them about your thoughtful gift.     This is such a special way to make a difference for animals in need while you are honoring a special one that has made the journey over the rainbow bridge.

Make a donation in your pet's honor



6 - Make a stone with your pet’s image, name, and date on it.   Keep it in your garden and think of your pet every time you see flowers and beauty.  

Make a memorial pet stone for your garden.



7 - Purchase a personalized urn (with their name and picture) and keep their ashes in it displayed in a favorite spot in your home.


Buy a urn for your pet's ashes.



8 - Wear your pet's ashes with Pet Cremation Jewelry.     You will have their spirit with you always!

Carry your pet's ashes in a jewelry piece.



8 - Place their favorite things:   their collar, toys, bandana, a picture of them, etc. in a shadow box and display in your home.

Make a shadow box of your pet's things.



9 - Tattoo their picture and/or name on your body.    You’ll think of them as long as you live!

Tatoo a pic of your pet.



10 - Have a miniature replica made of your sweet pet.    Linda Facci is on Etsy and can make you just about anything you would like!   


make a miniature of your pet.




You'll always miss your beloved pet.   That's just a fact.    But you can purchase some things to remind you of the sweet love and memories that your furbaby brought to your life!

Watercolor prints, miniature statues of your pet, tattoos of your pet, shadow boxes, and garden stones are just some of the few ways you can memorialize your pet!

Always remember the happy times and be thankful for the love and time your pet gave you!!


Do you have a neat way to remember your pet?


Please share below...


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