Top 50 Kicking Boy Puppy Names You Need To Know

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Top 50 kicking boy puppy names you need to know.


A precious puppy!!!!  

So, you finally did it!   Got a sweet little boy puppy!  

You will want to make sure to name him something that lines up with his personality and good looks.     The only way to figure this out is to spend some quality time with your new pup in different settings.  

Watch him sleep, play with him, take him for walks.   Observe how he behaves. 

Is he outgoing, bossy, shy, or a "scaredy-dog"?   haha  

Pet Hangout has put together the absolute best in puppy names for you to choose from.  

Go ahead and read through our top 50 picks.   Then, give it a week or so and see which names rise up to the top for your pup.  


Here are our Top 50 Kicking Boy Puppy Names You Need to Know! (in no particular order)

1 - Sundance

2 - Sporty

3 - Sammy

4 - Apollo

5 - Gus

6 - Alfredo

7 - Max

8 - Pluto

9 - Sargento

10 - Bonkers

11 - Diesel

12 - Hawk

13 - Skittle

14 - Coco

15 - Peter

16 - Samson

17 - Billy G

18 - Magnum

19 - Pepper

20 - Snoopy

21 - Augustus

22 - Andy

23 - Bear

24 - Sheldon

25 - Dr. Good

26 - Spirit

27 - Zander

28 - Bumble

29 - Lewey

30 - Simba

31 - Max

32 - Oreo

33 - Cooper

34 - Duke

35 - Lucky

36 - Colby

37 - Cheddar

38 - Eiffel

39 - Big Ben

40 - Skimpy

41 - Drake

42 - Expresso

43 - Mackey

44 - Harry

45 - Sticky

46 - Trooper

47 - Wags

48 - Timon

49 - Casper

50 - Basil



So, let's practice a little.    

See what name you would give to the following puppies from our Top 50 above.   

I'll give my take on them too!



What would you name this little guy?

Puppy in a box.

I think Gus or Trooper would fit him great. 

He looks like he would work through anything for you!



What about this sweet doggie?

Black puppy in the grass

I'm lovin' Espresso or Magnum for this tough doggie.     I think he might just be boss of the house!



Can you say pie face?

Fluffy puppy.

I've got to go with Coco or Bear.     Is he not absolutely adorable? 

What a snuggle buddy!!



How about this little stinker?

Red puppy in the yard.

He looks like a Wags or a Lewey to me!    Especially with those big floppy ears!



How about this handsome boy?

Cute puppy with blue collar.

He looks like he is ready to have lots of fun.   I'm going with Sporty or Samson!   

And did you get a load of his beautiful eyes?



How about this little one?

A poodle puppy.

Because of a poodle's pedigree, I think Eiffel or Bumble is quite fitting!



And what would you think this little guy should be called?

Adorable puppy.

I'm feeling Basil or Oreo!!!   Just look at his beautiful colors!



And last but certainly not least on the "oh so cute" scale... 

What about this sweet little one?

Sweet puppy in chair.

How about Spirit or Timon?     

He just looks to me like he would be so playful and fun!



So, are you getting the gest of it?

Don't forget, just spend some quality time with your pup and look him over real good.

Between his looks, personality, and overall actions, you are sure to come up with the perfect name for your sweet boy puppy in no time at all!

And after you name him.... please come back and tell us which name you chose!

We would love for you to comment below and send us a pic too at


Did you find a great name?

Tell us below!

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