How to Exploit Helpless Animals for more Pathetic Pleasure

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To describe the goal of this post,  we must first state what it IS NOT:

  • We do not wish to point fingers at anyone or any organization
  • We do not wish to imply if you have ever used an animal for entertainment, that you are bad or evil or that you  purposely exploited an innocent animal.
  • We do not act like we have never been amused from animals in some type of entertaining role. 



Our goal today is to present some facts so that you can begin to think through your beliefs on this subject.  It is deep and far reaching.     We aim to stimulate something inside of you to make you want to think and possibly re-think your stand (or lack thereof) on the matter.   We will probably ask a lot of questions that we don’t necessarily believe you will have the answer for immediately.    That’s ok.   Ponder if you will…

Now that we have the disclaimer out of the way, let’s get to it.

Do you believe animals are exploited for pure entertainment purposes of the human race?


Let’s think about some history.   


Consider the circus if you will.   

Cartoon of man dancing with a cat


Animals are taught through a variety of means to do tricks and amazing stunts for our pure entertainment.    We don’t believe the animals want to do these tricks nor look forward to the next performance in the next city.    They practice for long hours and are housed in small cages that are normally mobile.   I guess you can say, we “force” the animals into a way of being and living for our financial gain.   Do you agree with that last statement?

You have to wonder:

  • How much relaxation and enjoyment do they get?
  • How well are they cared for medically?
  • How well are they watered and fed?
  • Do they get to play?
  • Do they get depressed?


One of the largest circus’ known is the Barnum and Bailey Circus.  It was founded by Ringling Brothers in 1872.   Over 100 years of tradition and entertainment are now coming to an end due to declining sales.   One speculation is that the withdrawal of the Asian Elephant from the circus began the downward turn for the establishment.    Surmounting pressure from animal rights activist and rising awareness of inhumane conditions for the show animals also were a contributing factor.  


With this being said, we think people began to understand that it just wasn’t fair to these innocent animals to make them perform over and over for people to laugh and be entertained.     

Have you ever been to their circus?     We have.    We must admit,  we had not given the care of the animals too much thought – just figured they were happy.   Can you say, “out of sight, out of mind?”.     You must step back from your pleasure and really think about the life these animals must have lived.   



Consider zoos.    

The thought behind a zoo is to observe an animal in its natural habitat.    Sounds innocent and good, right?      Well, what if they are not properly cared for in this environement?   What if they are mistreated or abused even?     Then, it goes from a natural, healthy place to a bad and evil place where they are just there to entertain you.     Do you see a pattern?  

happy and sad zoo animals

With that said – make no mistake – There are some wonderful zoos in the world that do it the right way and do have the animal’s best interest first and foremost.   And the opposite is also true.  There are some zoos that really don’t care about the welfare of the beast and are just cashing in on the almightly dollar.


The next time you want to go to a zoo – do your homework first!    Do your research.   Make sure it is a reputable home for animals before handing over your cash to them.


Consider Greyhound racing.


The first tracks for Greyhound racing and betting were opened around 1930.   It was meant to liken the betting on horse races.    Some of the largest problems with this practice is the treatment of the dogs.   A dog is only good to race for 4 – 6 years.   After that, many dogs’ fates are not good – even euthanized if no home can be found.  As many as 20, 000 per year are killed.   Slowly, organizations have emerged to rescue these poor dogs and try to find them forever homes.   The death count has gone down but are still in the thousands each year. 

On top of this, breeders are “overbreeding” to get the crème of the crop.    The “leftovers” and “slow ones” are usually killed as well.   Performance enhancing drugs are also a widespread problem in this industry.

Overbreeding Greyhounds caused many to be put to death

This practice is as repulsive as it sounds.   With growing awareness of the pure heartless and cruel treatment of these dogs, more and more states have banned the sport in the US.

There are 6 states where dog racing is still active and legal:

  • Arkansas, Alabama, Florida, Iowa, West Virginia, and Texas
  • In 4 states, all dog tracks have closed but are waiting to enact a statue.   Those states are Oregon, Connecticut, Kansas and Wisconsin.

To learn more about the mission to end Greyhound racing, visit Grey 2k USA.

We are happy to see that people are waking up and taking note of this inhumane treatment of these beautiful creatures.


Consider animals in the movies.

Are there any regulations to protect them?    Are they treated with kindness or brutality?  With that being said, we imagine there are some animals that love the attention and all the loving.  However, what if the animal is mistreated to get the perfect shot?

What if they are beaten when they mess up?

What if they are discarded like trash if they do not perform?

cartoon of man pulling large dog

Have you ever really thought through the treatment of helpless animals when it comes to the almighty dollar?

Have we ever watched a movie with animals in it?    Yes.   Did we really think through their treatment?   Not really.     We probably just assumed they were loved and doted on in every way since they were a “star”.

Have you heard of the recent case that went viral concerning the Shepherd for the movie, “A Dog’s Purpose”?

Watch this and then honestly ask yourself if this was fair treatment of the animal.

Every time we watch this it literally makes us tear up.


  • The obvious one is Hercules, the Shepherd, appears in great distress and fear.
  • Listening to what is being said, some were laughing and joking, “just throw him in”.
  • After reading both sides of this story, it makes us sad that people are trying to justify this away as “not the real story” and Hercules  was trained to enter the pool from the left, not the right.   Listen, we know what we saw.   A dog can be trained to do tricks but he is not a real actor.   Hercules was truly petrified of the rushing water and was doing everything to escape it.   End of story.  Don’t give us that “left”, “right” crap.
  • The love of money is the root of all evil.   If you stop and really reflect on why this happened, it was for the dirty dollar bill.   Run over everyone and every living thing (that cannot take up for itself) in the process…

Look looking so sad behind fence


Will our society ever advance to the point where we protect instead of exploit?

Can we get some real men and women of character to stand up and say “no” to crap like this?   


Excuse us if we're just not in the mood to go see this movie now NOR support it NOR listen to all of the lame excuses.  

Again, we know what we saw...

Honestly, we were originally so looking forward to seeing this movie because of our large love for animals.

But after deep thought and reflection, this post developed and we have had a huge change of heart.


Obviously, this post was not about how to exploit innocent animals but to encourage all to stop and think through any situation where an animal is involved for entertaining people.     It is our responsibility to take ownership for our choices and not blindly just follow the crowd.   Think about what goes on behind the scenes, research, educate and decide for yourself how ethical or humane it is.   Then, conduct yourself according to your findings and your conscience.

A smiley in a sea of frowns


Is it okay for the human race to exploit helpless animals, while disregarding their feelings,  for our entertainment pleasure?  

Or do we prevail over them with a responsibility to keep them physically and emotionally safe?  

      Come on, regardless of which side you are on, you have an opinion.

                Tell us what you are feeling on it below…

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