Why Your Eager Dog Will Cook You Breakfast for These

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Why your dog will cook you breakfast for these.



So your dog can’t quite tell you what he or she wants for their birthday or Christmas or Any time for celebrating.

But, as a clever and frugal dog parent, you can keep reading to find the hottest dog supplies, gifts, and toys that will make your pup jump for absolute joy!

We base our list on “hot sellers” online, great value for you, and great satisfaction potential for your furry friend!  

 By combing through numerous reviews, ratings, and products, we feel confident that you and your pup will be happy with any or all of these.


Why Your Dog Will Cook You Breakfast For These:


1.  Seresto Flea and Tick Dog Collar  - This collar lasts up to 8 months and keeps on working even after bathtime!    There is nothing worse for you and your dog than a flea infestation

They can wreak havoc on the health of your dog, including irritating rashes, itching, and sores.   


They can infiltrate your home, furniture, and bedding... need I say more...


Trust us, an ounce of prevention goes a long way with this terrible issue.    If you have a lot going on and find it hard to remember a monthly treatment or pill for your dog, this collar makes it easy.   Just place on your pup and set a reminder for 8 months later!


The collar even has reflective sections on it for safety too.

It comes in 2 sizes - Large (over 18 lbs.) and Small (up to 18 lbs.)


2 - Earth Rated Poop Bags - No pet parent wants to be caught walking their dog in public unprepared!

These poop bags have Mother Earth in mind.   They are biodegradable (even the roll core) and do not harm the Earth.  Available in unscented and lavender scent and fit any standard size poop bag dispenser!

Save your pup (and yourself) the embarrassment of having to leave his business on a public trail or park!   Always keep these attached to their leash for the unexpected!    Even if your pup "goes" at home, you never know what might get them too excited.

It's all about being respectful and kind to other pet parents too.     Isn't it nice to walk on clean grounds?   What is your first thought if you see some old poop that someone else left behind.    Don't be that pet parent!! 


3 - Hertzko Self Cleaning Slicker Pet Brush - Can I just say that they thought of it all with this pet brush.     This is hands-down a double win for you and your pet.

The fine bristles are able to penetrate deep into the hair without ever scratching your pet's skin.   It safely grabs and removes loose fur, detangles mats, and gets at the deep undercoat that needs to be removed.

And best of all, you click a button to retract the bristles down so that only the fur is left.   You simply grab the fur and toss away!   No digging the hair out of the prickly bristles for you.

The results?   A dog with shiny, smooth fur and an easier grooming session for you.

We love this brush and so will you!


4 - Dingo Twist Rawhide Treats - 9 out of 10 dogs prefer these rawhide treats!   

It's a no-brainer that your dog will love these chews.    

Chews promote healthy teeth and gums and satisfies that innate doggie nature to rip and chew on something.   You may as well make it a healthy chew if they are going to do it.

Made with REAL chicken wrapped in a natural rawhide - full of digestable protein and very low in fat!

Bursting with flavor, these chews give your dog a nice reward at the end of the day. 

Available in 10 or 15 count.


5 - ChuckIT Ball - Now your dog can play fetch with you, rain or shine!

These series of balls are absolutely perfect for building lasting memories with your doggie and giving your dog some much-needed exercise.

The Chenille Ball is awesome for tossing, fetching, and throwing about indoors.   The soft surface helps cushion anything it may hit, keeping all your indoor valuables safe and sound while playing with your pooch. 

And if your arm is getting tired, don't forget to pick up the ChuckIt Launcher too.   Use the leverage with this item to get more height and distance (even 3 times as long as your normal throwing range).    And do you know what the best thing of all is with the launcher?    You never, ever, have to pick up a wet, slimy ball again!     The design lets you grab the ball up - hands free!   We thought you might like that.

Weather pretty today?  Well, you've got to get out there with the dual ChuckIt Ultra Rubber Ball set.  High flying, high bouncing, and they float on the water!  You and your doggies are gonna love these, we are sure!


6 - The best ever Pet Grooming Glove - What doggie doesn't just love to be petted rotten...

We think this glove is the best thing since sliced bread.   While you are lavishly petting your dog, you are actually grooming them in an amazing way.    The tiny nibs on these gloves attract hair like a magnet.  Hair neatly clumps together with each new stroke.   Your dog may just start rolling around on the ground begging for more.   

And clean up is easy breezy.  Just peel off hair as one clump and toss in the trash!  

2 gloves come in this set - one for your left hand and one for your right hand.    You can give your dog an even better experience when massaging with both hands.   They will absolutely fall apart.


Did you see anything your dog would go gaga over?       

Whether you believe your dog will cook you breakfast or not, we do know that your dog would enjoy any and all of these items to the moon and back.


Which one do you think your dog needs the most?

Tell us below please....

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