22 Facts about the Amazing and Loyal German Shepherd

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22 Facts about the Amazing and Loyal German Shepherd.


Pet Hangout proudly starts a new series today dedicated to Dog Breeds.  

Our goal is to help you understand your breed of choice and give you food for thought before taking the plunge on adopting any type of dog.   There are always pros and cons to any breed of dog - knowledge is power and we want to help!

Our first post will be on the strong and courageous German Shepherd breed.

Name:  Deutshe Schaferhund


General Description:

The Shepherd is considered a “workhorse” breed that is absolutely gorgeous in my opinion.  He is a large dog that carries himself with confidence and strength.   Being an all purpose worker, this breed is very strong and muscular and of the utmost intelligence!



The male ranges from 24-26 inches tall and 65-90 pounds.   The female ranges from 22-24 inches tall and 50-70 pounds.   Their life expectancy is anywhere from 7 - 10 years.   Their colors range from Black, Black & Tan, Sable, Black & Red, Grey, and Black & Silver.      

These beauties are some of the noblest and loyal of all dogs and ranked # 2 in popularity by registrations with the AKC.    A regal body and stance marked by large, alert ears and a lowered hindquarters make these dogs look very unique and beautiful.   

A shepherd puppy is going to need lots and lots of stimulation.   They are curious, strong, and have the need to discover always.    Make sure you have challenging puzzles and toys to keep them occupied.   Otherwise, they may use your home decor for entertainment!

They are the ultimate herding dog.  Can be aloof at times and independent.  Loyalty and character are their strengths - they are even willing to put their life on the line for a loved one.

German Shepherd facts  German Shepherd facts.

German Shepherd facts.  German Shepherd facts.

German Shepherd facts.  German Shepherd facts.

German Shepherd facts.\


Profile of the perfect German Shepherd dog parent:

  • Is okay with lots of dog hair/ vacuuming often 
  • Is okay with frequent grooming/brushing
  • Willing to keep a great vet involved in the health of your shepherd (Shepherds are famous for their multiple health issues.)
  • Know that some people may be frightened of your dog because of negative stereotyping.   You can commit to making your shepherd a positive ambassador for the breed.
  • Willing to get help for your pup if they tend toward shyness/anxiety.   This could turn into fear-aggression later in life if not addressed.
  • Monitors interaction with young children.   Shepherd puppies can be bitey and rough.


Questions to ponder before taking the leap with this dog:

  • Do I mind my shepherd following me everywhere I go in the house?
  • Will whining and/or barking drive me crazy?  (note:   dog training may be in order for highly vocal sheps)
  • Will it bother me if people act scared of my dog?
  • Am I okay with rough play and biting?   Shepherds are just rougher than other dogs (i.e. - labradors, collies).


Check out this intro video on the German Shepherd...


Shepherd at a glance (score 1 - 10  1 = low/small; 10 = high/large)

Care Demand:   9

Social:  6

Good with children/elderly:   3 (this could vary based on their environment as a pup)

Needs to be around humans:  5

Can be independent:  8 

Likes to be around other animals:  6  

Loud - barks often:   7

Destructive as a puppy:  8

Destructive as an adult:  4

Health issues:  10

Life Expectancy:  6

Playful:   7  

Needs lots of exercise:  8

Whiney grade:  7 

Needs lots of grooming:  9

Amount of Food/Day:   7

Puppy Troubles: 8


shepherd jumping a fence.  Shepherd standing in the water.

Shepherd sitting on the porch.  Shepherd doing a standing trick.

Shepherd loving his human.  Shepherd puppy playing.


More about the Shepherd:

Notable Cool Facts:  Loyal, Strong, Courageous, Regal, Fierce, 3rd in line of intelligence out of 100 top breeds.   Can learn simple tasks after only 5 repetitions.

History: Originated from Germany in the mid-1800’s;  Worked as herders of sheep and protected them from harm.

Behavior (personality):

  • Children - Puppies tend to bite harder and play rougher than other puppies.    They could accidentally hurt young children.

  • Elderly - An older Shepherd would be an awesome watch dog and loyal companion.

  • Play - Very playful and energetic - Needs many toys/challenges to stay entertained and to fend off boredom.   A bored puppy will get into all kinds of trouble!

  • Other Pets - Could play rough with smaller animals.   Must monitor and train them correctly for delicate animals that could feel threatened.

  • Strangers - Can sometimes be shy and aloof around strangers.

  • When in a new environment - They may be reserved until they feel more comfortable.  May not immediately take to new people.    They do not need to be everyones friend.   Their loyal factor is reserved for a few, privy few which makes them a great family dog. 


  • Feeding:  A grown shepherd eats 3 - 5 cups daily.  Normally, feed once in the morning and once again in the evening.

  • Grooming - Every 4 - 6 weeks.   However, will need to groom more often during the shedding seasons in the spring and fall.   This is when they change their coat.

  • Exercise - They need 1/2 - 1 hour of brisk walking daily to curb boredom.

  • As a Puppy - As the puppy matures, they will need more exercise.   A good starting point is to provide 5 minutes of exercise/month of age.   For example, if your puppy is 4 months old, he should get 20 minutes of exercise daily.

Common Health Issues:  dysplasia (both hip and elbow), bloat, diabetes, degenerative disc disorder, cataracts, hemophilia, epilepsy






There are a lot of things to think about when searching for a reputable Shepherd breeder.     Please check out German Shepherd Corners post on how to find a reputable breeder.   It is very important to do your homework so you will understand the potential issues with breeders.


It’s full of a wealth of information on questions to ask, things to look for, the different types of breeders, and all the good, bad, and ugly of the breeding world.     Educate yourself with the facts first before talking to a breeder for the love of the German Shepherd Breed!


Drake the Shepherd sitting on the couch.  Beautiful German Shepherd posing for the pic.

Drake swimming with his little humans  Drake the Shepherd riding in the car.


Do you just love the German Shepherd too?

     Share your thoughts below...

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Give me more freebies about german sheperd

03/06/2019, 01:47:02 PM

Hi Gerry,Do you have a German Shepherd? What type of additional info are you looking for on the Shepherd?

Henry kuhlmann:
12/28/2019, 12:24:02 PM, henrykuhlmann@gmail.com

ROLF----is the best dog I've ever had. Was given to us 7 years ago when my then 17year old daughter became handicapped. He is so loving, protective, smart and loyal. Yes, he follows me Every where I walk and Loves to go for rides in my pick-up truck and loves for me to brush his shedding hair (often). We are a fortunate family to have Rolf (German for Wolf), as loved member

Donna Millwood:
01/23/2020, 10:41:41 AM

Henry, ROLF sounds pretty amazing to me! I have always wanted a German Shepherd of my own. Your testimony to their awesomeness just confirms to me that one day I'll adopt one too.Thanks for sharing such a wonderful comment! And give ROLF a big ole hug for me :-)

01/22/2021, 09:42:20 AM

hey i love german sheperds they are very strong annd cute!!!

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