Helpless & Homeless - 5 Remarkable Dogs Soaring to New Heights

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Turning homeless dogs into high flying stars!

K9s in Flight is a beautiful organization founded on the principles of supporting your local rescues, letting a dog do what they love, the bond between a human and their dog, and making people smile.

Their "about-us" on says this:

K9s in Flight are the country’s top premier K9 Sports entertainers, with over 15 years of professional experience, they have dazzled audiences all across America and beyond.

K9s in flight have been seen on The Discovery Channel , ESPN , The Disney Channel, Animal Planet, HBO, The Jerry Lewis Telethon, MTV Music Television, and more. They have been featured in Dog Fancy Magazine, National Geographic for Kids, Dog and Kennel Magazine, and over 25 Major National Newspapers.

They have toured with Animal Planet, The NFL Experience and The Greatest Show on Earth. K9s in Flight has performed their one of kind Ground Act Show and Halftime Show in over 200 cities across America, people all over the country have enjoyed their cutting edge, high flying acrobatics.

Whether it’s their Top NFL, NBA , NCAA Halftime Show or their dynamic Theme Park, Fair and Festival Ground Act Show, K9s in Flight is guaranteed to give your audience High Flying Fun the Whole Family will enjoy!

**All of K9s in Flights’ dogs are part of the family, they perform, travel, eat and sleep together!  Also, all of K9s in flights dogs are rescued or adopted and the Show emphasizes  the desperate need for pet adoption. K9s in Flight is dedicated to the public education of the pet overpopulation problem, and committed to finding a solution. K9s in Flight asks that you support you local and national animal rescue and protection organizations.


I happened upon one of their incredible shows at the Low Country Strawberry festival in Mount Pleasant, SC.    These amazing dogs were rescued from kill shelters and brought into a huge purpose.    This organization realized they could give these dogs an amazing new start by just letting them do what they love.    Their agility and speed were quite amazing to watch in person.

Fierce getting ready to jump through the hula hoop



I met 5 dogs during the show:   Wren, Bean, Fierce, Kela, and Scout.    All of them are mixed breeds and have among others, Border Collie and Australian Shepherd blood.

Wren diving for the frisbee



Their handlers are not only their show assistants but their humans and family.   You see, these dogs are not just animals that stay in crates until the show.    They are part of their family and live with them during everyday life.    They "perform" not for a delish treat but because it is in their DNA to run fast, jump high, and catch frisbees.  

They are also excellent on agility and obstacle courses.  

Fierce skirting her way through Haleys legs



These dynamic dogs can pull off 3 different kinds of shows:   a ground act, a halftime act, and a pirate act.    They have been the stars for such establishments as fairs, festivals, theme parks, and expos.   They also have provided halftime entertainment for the NFL and NBA.   You can view the individual establishments that have hired these savvy canines if you would like.

Bean flying sideways to catch the frisbee  


Bean can hang on to the frisbee forever



The one thing I loved most over their talents was the fact that John really talks up adopting a rescue dog over and over again.   He speaks of how an adopted pet will change your life and bring so much joy into it.    I am astonished at the fact that these dogs were running out of time and were "saved" just at the right moment.   Saved for great things and to go from Homeless to High Flying.

Fierce about to jump through the hoop



I am not sure how many dogs make up this flyin' team but I saw some sweeties during the show.   Wren started out the show with her quick stepping between her trainer's legs.   Then Bean, Fierce, Kela, and Scout took the spotlight.   Scout was the finale of the show and could attain some amazing height on her jumps.

Scout catching a frisbee in the air



One thing I noticed about all of the performers is that they are highly loved by their owners.   These pups travel all over with their trainers/owners and get to stay in the hotel rooms with them.   They are definitely some pampered pooches that now have a mission to live.    My fav part is when the owners would catch them in their arms and give them a big hug when their act was over.

Kela in Jims arms


All dogs are caught in their trainers arms at the end of their performance


I don't think there was one person watching the show that wasn't smiling and laughing.   

To see all of the K9s in Flight in some awesome pics during their shows, head on over to their facebook page and give them a LIKE too!!

I was able to grab a couple of great pics of one of the stars, Scout, with his crew and with me!!

Scout with the crew


Donna posing with Scout



Most importantly, don't ever forget the potential hiding away in your current or future adopted dog.    There are some fantastic animals behind bars just waiting, begging, and hoping that you will find them soon.    I believe an adopted pet is the most grateful and appreciative of all and will love you more than you could ever imagine!

ADOPT DON'T SHOP  at your local shelter today.   PetFinder makes it easy for you to find your next pet "star".


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