Chloe will Steal your Heart with her Amazing Smile

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Chloe the white labrador retriever

We are proud to feature our first ever contest winner,

Chloe Snowball Cieglo.

Pet Hangout conducted the Coolest Pet Pic Contest last month and selected Miss Chloe as our Grand Prize Winner.    She earned some cold hard cash - $100 bucks to be specific!   We have to say, hands down, that we kept coming back to her infectious smile and happy demeanor.

We asked Chloe’s mom, Ashley, to share with us some insight and more pictures of this adorable white lab.    Sit back and enjoy our “tail” of her and her peeps.    We hope she brings a happy feeling to you as much as she did to us.

Chloe was born on November 12, 2011 in Hickory, Mississippi.   That makes her a tad over 5 years old at the time of this post.    She is a beautiful Labrador Retriever and the first pet baby for Ashley and her husband, Joseph.

Baby Chloe sleeping in her bed


Mom told us some interesting tidbits about her sweet baby:

Where did you get Chloe?    Ashley’s parents owned Chloe’s mother, Blondie, who had a litter of puppies.  Chloe just so happened to be Ashley’s favorite one so her parents gave her to Ashley as a Christmas present!   Blondie has since went over the rainbow bridge but not before leaving an awesome legacy behind.

Why did Ashley want a pup?  

Ashley says:

“She was the cutest little puppy! She was super sweet and was the palest shade of yellow (much lighter than her siblings). Before she was mine, my boyfriend at the time (now husband) and I nicknamed her Snowball. We got engaged that Christmas, and since both of us are huge dog lovers getting our first dog would be soon to come. My parents knew how much we loved her, so she became our first dog.”


Full Name:  Chloe Snowball Ciego  

Chloe riding in the car

Favorite Food:  Ummm, pretty much all food!   Ashley says she isn’t picky nor discriminates.   The vet actually told them Miss Chloe may need to lose about 10 pounds or so.   Hmmm, maybe most of us can say that too  ;-)

Favorite Treat: She loves loves bones, especially Knuckle bones.

Favorite Toy:  Chloe is a sucker for all balls and squeaker toys.   And she always keeps a toy close by for playing, snuggling, or sleeping.

Chloe resting after a hard day of playing

Personality Traits:  Chloe is the epitomy of “happy” and loves being petted and loved on.   She adores all people and other dogs.   The tail NEVER stops wagging either.  Ashley says, “When you look at Chloe, she always looks like she is smiling”.    We pretty much agree with her on this one!   

Chloe upside down looking very happy

Chloe Quirks:  She hates to go outside.    The only time she willingly goes out is for swimming – which is her fav pastime to do outside – even when it’s cold!  Ashley says that Chloe’s sisters go out first thing each morning, but Chloe will lie in her bed until Ashley forces her out.   

Obedience training:  No formal training

Chloe Loves:  Swimming - although she doesn't like going outside, she is "all in" if it means she gets to swim.

Chloe loves to swim.

Animal siblings:  Chloe has 2 sisters, Luna and Foxy.   Luna is a white German Shepherd and Foxy is a mixed breed.    Luna came into the family when Chloe was 6 months old.  They grew up together and are BFFs for sure.    They have never been apart and would not have it any other way!

Chloe and Luna chilling on the couch


Foxy is a recent addition to the family.   Her past wasn’t so good to her in that she was abandoned.  She was welcomed into her new home with open paws and love.   Chloe has always been sweet to Foxy.  Foxy has somewhat attached herself to Chloe and loves to climb into bed with her.

Chloe and Foxy lying together.


A funny in Ashley’s words:

"We had just moved into a new home and Chloe and Luna managed to break out of the backyard while we were at work one day. When I arrived home, Chloe was sitting by the front door and Luna was nowhere to be found. I went to talk to the neighbors about Luna, and they said they just thought Chloe was a porch decoration because she sat so still and perfect right beside the door all afternoon. (We did find Luna a little while later at another neighbor’s house.)"

Do you remember us telling you that Chloe DOES NOT like to go outside?   Well, listen to how she tries to “fake out” Ashley…

"In the mornings, Chloe knows that she has to go outside when she wakes up. She will pretend to be asleep and when I am not looking at her she will open her eyes, but when I am paying attention to her she keeps them closed. She will also kind of open them and look to see where I am, and shut them really quick if I am nearby or looking at her."

Chloe and Luna sleeping.

You have to admit, that is pretty darn cute and smart of her all at the same time!

This is Chloe’s winning contest entry picture.   Based on her personality, we think it shows up in this pic for sure.  We obviously loved it a lot!

Chloe's winning contest entry pic

You can also get a good idea of Chloe’s fun and spirited play with her sisters by watching this video that Ashley shared with us.


Can you see why we just had to select Chloe as our grand prize winner?

We are so happy to have let you in on Chloe’s life and world.   A huge thank you goes out to Ashley and Joseph for giving us permission to feature their lovely pet family on The Tale Wagger.    We appreciate Chloe and her spirit and have enjoyed getting to know her and her “sissies” a little bit better!   To learn more about awesome Labrador Retrievers, check out the American Kennel Club's feature article.


What do you think about Chloe?

     Do you have a dog that smiles as much as she does?

We want to hear all about your pet too!  Chime in below and share some love with us.

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Chloe is so excited to be picked as the winner :) :) Thank you so much!

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Chloe stole our heart and we just had to share her with our fans!! :-)

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