10 Must Do's this Fall with a Dog

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As the weather begins to cool down and leaves start their dissension, it is a great time to get outdoors and enjoy time with your fav dog.   We have put together a fun, interesting list for you to pursue.  Mostly, we want to remind you to always take fresh water along when outdoors to keep you and your best bud hydrated.      ~ A little snack or two isn’t a bad idea either!  ~    


  •  GO  HIKING – Gear up in your hiking boots, leash your pup, and head for the hills.   Regardless of where you live, you can find some wonderful nature trails to explore and beautiful sights to view!



  • TAKE A BIKE RIDE – Attach a seat basket on your bike and the two of you are good to go!  Your doggie will love getting outdoors with you and being your co-pilot.     Please make sure they ride safely and are not prone to jumping out of the basket though.    They will love love the wind blowing in their face as you ride!



  • TAKE  ON A DELISH PICNIC – The weather will be absolutely perfect for a nice picnic.    Be sure to bring healthy food for your dog instead of feeding him or her people food (unless ultra healthy too).  We also suggest bringing along fresh raw veggies which are yummy fun for both of you!   An old blanket and water bowl will round out the supplies just right we think.   You will also want to check out these healthy foods that your dog would love to gobble up.



  • GO TO A FESTIVAL – There are festivals everywhere during the Autumn season.   Check your local directories for places, dates, and times.   You will also want to be sure the venue is dog friendly BEFORE heading out.   Also, don’t forget the doggie bags for picking up after  Fido.  Your dog will enjoy the social aspect of getting out and around other people and animals for sure!


  • GO FOR A STROLL – Get your walking gear together and take a long leisurely walk with your furry friend.   If your pet is too small to walk a long way, a pet stroller will do the trick!    They can ride the whole way or a combination of walking and riding to give them some rest.  Your doggie will feel so special when he or she sees how much you are considering their needs.


  • PLAY BALL WITH YOUR COOL DOG – Your dog would love to romp outdoors and chase a well-thrown ball.   We suggest taking several different types of balls to change up the experience for both of you.   You can also bring gnawing chew balls along that are healthy for their teeth and gums.   How great is that!DogPlayingWithBall



  • MAKE A TRIP TO THE PARK – What dog doesn’t love to go to the park?   Any type of park is great – doggie park, kids park, or chillin' at the pond park.    Again, take those doggie poop bags along just in case they aren’t supplied at a poop station.     Your dog can make some new friends and you may even too!   It’s a great place to socialize and let your dog’s personality shine.



  • INVITE A FRIEND OVER – If you have dog parents for friends, invite some over to your place and let the dogs have fun running around.   This is especially a must do if the dogs have known each other for some time.   They will be super excited to see one another again.   You will be voted the coolest dog parent ever!


  • PLAY TUG OF WAR – Buy a really great tug of war toy and go to battle with your puppy or dog.   Every dog gets pumped up when it comes to this activity.   It is great exercise for the both of you and gets the heart rate up.     For some really good memories, get someone to snap some pics or take a video of your epic battle.   We bet you will end up with some really great photos that you will be dying to share with us -  We would love to see them!!!DogPlayingTugOfWar


  • PLAY IN THE LEAVES – Oh my goodness – this idea takes everyone back to their childhood for sure.   Do you remember your parent raking up a big pile of leaves and you running and jumping into them?    We can’t even describe how much fun that is.   Well, your dog will love it too.   If you don’t have leaves where you live, we bet you can find some at a park.   Take a rake and make a pile there.   Your dog will love diving in with you!!   Again – get some pics…



So that is our official Top 10 list.  However, for funsies, we have an extra bonus that we think you might like.

BONUS:  COMPARE FEET – What did you say?  Yea, we are being silly but then again, we bet it made you smile or something…


Like our Top 10?Do you have a suggestion we should add? 

How many of these have you done with your dog this Fall?  

  We would love to hear all about it.  Comment below…

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