9 Unique Gifts Your Silly Kitty Will Love

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9 Unqiue Gifts Your Silly Kitty Will Love


Looking for a cool new gift for your cat?

We guarantee these gifts will send your kitty into playland, happy land, or sleepy land.   Either way, a content and happy cat is a healthy cat.  


Their Potty

Have you noticed that your cat is very picky about where they “go potty”?    They love a clean and secret spot to do their business.   Help create this environment by buying them some cat litter furniture.   You, your guests, and your kitty will love this!


Their Hangout Spot

What cat doesn’t like to be high so that they can see everything around them?    Our cat towers, perches, and caves provide the perfect “chill” spot for a long slumber or just to hang out.    This trait was handed down to them by their “big cat” ancestors who had to keep watch against predators and spot food on the horizon!



A cat’s urge to scratch is connected to their ability to defend and protect themselves and their family.   It is very important to always provide an acceptable outlet for them to trim so that your furniture doesn’t become a victim!

This tiger scratcher is purrfect for the small kitty who needs to relax, sleep, stretch, and keep her claws in tip-top shape.


Our Tiger and Whale scratchers are available in Large and Giant and accommodate multiple kitties.  They are made from corrugated cardboard and attract cats from everywhere.   Your cat will pick this highly desirable surface over and over again - we promise!


The Curious Kitty always wants to Play

Have you ever wondered why catnip attracts kitties?  The catnip plant contains an oil called “nepetalactone”.     When your cat smells this, a chemical called “pheromone” is released into your cat’s bloodstream.    The result is a feeling of overwhelming happiness for your cat!     This would explain why a cat playing with a toy filled with catnip can go a bit crazy and wild.    They are just feeling totally awesome!


Kitty feeling great while smelling catnip


Our Catnip Bubbles are mixed with catnip and will have your kitty jumping around for hours!


And our Chickadee Catnip Toy and Claude Catnip Mouse will absolutely drive your cat bonkers.   They are filled with organic catnip and have side openings for refills!



A plush sleep spot

We can’t say enough about our plush bedding for kitties.   The material feels and looks like real fur but is faux fur of course.    Your cat can nestle down and sleep for days on our top quality Cool Cat Beds.



We hope our ideas have helped you decide on your next best gift for the feline in your life.

Which one did you like the best?   Help us get the discussion going below!

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