12 Hidden Kitty Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

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12 hidden kitty facts that will blow your mind


Think you know it all when it comes to your cat?


Well, maybe not.   

Check out these amazing cat facts that might just surprise you!


1- Saltwater anyone?

Unlike humans, cat’s can survive just fine by drinking ocean water.    How can this be?  Cat kidneys have a special filtration ability to pass the salt through the body but keep the water for hydration.





2 - Noses and Paws

Just like their age-old rival - the dog, cat’s sweat through the pads of their paws and have a unique nose print.




3 - Righty or Lefty


Most male cats tend to be left-pawed, while females favor their right paw.   Check out your kitty - toss a string at them and see which paw swats at it first.


Is your cat a lefty or a right?




4 - Lightning Speed Fast


Did you know your domestic cat can run up to 30 mph?  Yep, that’s right.   That is one fast kitty we think!





5 - Kitty Kompass?

Most experts believe that your cat has a magnetized brain.  Kitties are known for their innate ability to travel long distances to find their home or humans.   This amazing ability is tied to their desire to travel based on the angle of the sunlight.   It’s almost like they have a tiny compass with them at all times!





6 - Oh What Big Eyes You Have


Cats have the largest eyes relative to their head out of all the mammals on earth.   And we might add they are quite beautiful and mystic.


Cats have the largest eyes relative to their head




7 - Radar Kitty?


Cat’s have an amazing sense of hearing.   They can hear ultrasonic noises like what a Dolphin makes.   So think again the next time you try telling a secret to someone in your cat’s presence!




8 - Sweet or Sour


Cats are the only mammals that cannot taste “sweet”.   Poor babies…





9 - Sleepy Kitty


Does your cat sleep all the time it seems?   Research shows that cats sleep away about 70% of their life.   They are storing up energy for late night and early morning prowling.  No wonder they are such gorgeous creatures with all of that beauty sleep.


Cats sleep 70% of their life





10 - Whiskers for Measuring


A cat’s whiskers are more than just a cute accent for their face.  They serve a distinct purpose in helping them determine if they can fit through an opening.   This is why a cat’s whiskers are about the width of their body.




11 - Potty training


Did you know you can actually train your cat to use the toilet?   This is quite amazing and worth pursuing if you have an indoor cat.   We aren’t sure about the flushing bit though.   Check out this cool kitty potty trainer.   Think about it.   No litter to buy, no litter box to clean, and no kitty "poo poo" odors to hide!




12- Pest Control Experts


Cats were originally brought to America from Europe in the 1750s to control rodents and pests.   And we hear Disney actually unleashes cats every night in their parks to manage rodents.   They own around 200 cats -  watch out Mickey and Minnie!!  (Okay we admit, the Disney thing sounds a little far-fetched but we all know that it is a "magical" place.   And we're curious to know how they get all of these cats put "back up" before guests arrive??)


Cats are wonderful mousers





So now you can count yourself a bit more educated on the curious cat.   We hope you found at least one new hidden kitty fact to be surprising and interesting.



Did you learn anything new? 


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