16 Secrets Your Dog is Hiding from You

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16 little secrets your dog is hiding from you


Do you really know your dog?

These unknown dog facts might just blow your mind.  

Dogs are truly amazing creatures and deserve all the respect we can give.     Discover the hidden gems below about your canine and be enlightened!




Did you know your dog can learn up to 200 words?   This is quite amazing given that most dogs only know about 10.   Commands like sit, come, and shake are some of the more common commands.    We challenge you:   think of some new phrases you would like to teach your dog and repeat it with treat reinforcements.    For example, you can easily teach your dog command phrases like “get your toy”, “get the paper”, “close the door”, or “give me kisses”!





You already know that dogs have a keen sense of smell.   But did you know they can be trained to detect cancer and other diseases?  Their sense of smell is 10,000 times stronger than a humans.





No, contrary to popular belief, dogs are NOT always happy.   They have a wide range of emotions like we do.   A dog can experience sadness, depression, loneliness, anxiety, and jealousy.    The next time your pup seems sad, give him an extra special hug and treat!



Sweat Glands


Did you know a dog’s sweat glands are located on the pads of their paws?   Next time you smell feet, it might just be Fido’s stinky paws…    And some say they smell a bit like Fritos!






It has been proven by Harvard research that dogs do indeed dream.    If you hear your dog making short little whimpy barks or see them twitching their legs, ears, etc., it is likely that they are having a dream.   They also experience REM sleep (rapid eye movement).   Studies also suggest that they may be dreaming about you too - now that’s pretty sweet!


A sleeping dog could be having a dream about you




Poop Position


Have you ever noticed your dog spinning around before settling in for a poop?   It could very well be that they are aligning themselves with the earth’s magnetic field.  Studies have suggested that dog’s prefer to point either North or South.   Ummm, maybe this makes the poop flow better??



Wet Nose


Have you ever wondered why your dog's nose is so wet?   It is related to their smell system.    A wet nose absorbs smell chemicals around them more effectively and improves their sense of smell.   So now you know!





Dogs can hear 4 times the distance of a human and have about 18 muscles in each ear.





There are about 400 million dogs in the world.  Now, that’s a lot of doggie food!



Petting your Dog


So who does the "pet" benefit anyway?  Science has proven that it is good for both your dog and you!   The feel good hormone, oxytocin, is released into the bloodstream for both of you when you pet, hug, or cuddle with your 4 legged friend.  We say, "it's snuggle time"!




Unique Print


Are a dog’s paw prints unique like our fingerprints are unique?  No, not exactly!   However, their nose is!  Yep, that’s right, their nose has a unique print that uniquely identifies them.


A dog's nose is a unique print that no other dog has.



Blood Pressure


Need to lower your blood pressure?   Pet a dog today!   Interacting with a loving dog can calm you, reduce anxiety, maintain a healthy blood pressure, and bring an overall peace to your life.




Dogs are descendents of the wolf.   Can you see the resemblance?




Dog can do simple math.   What?    We know - this is pretty amazing isn’t it.   The experiments performed showed treats and hiding methods to dogs while watching the dog’s expectations when the treats were exposed again.   A "surprised reaction" suggested that the dog knew there were too many or not enough treats based on what they saw earlier.    Read the full study now to gain more insight into this incredible canine trick.




Dogs have 3 of them.  One is dedicated to keeping the eye lubricated and protected.   The upper and lower lids are visible but normally the third eyelid (nictitating membrane or haw) is not.   It only shows up from the corner of the eye when a dog's eye is irritated or hurt.


Raining Cats & Dogs

We know you have heard this saying, maybe even used it to describe a massive downpouring of rain.   Ever wonder where this phrase originated?  In 17th century England, homeless pets would drown for bad rains and float down the roads.   Thus, the term ‘raining cats & dogs” was born.    Sad but very true.


The term raining cats and dogs originated from 17th century England





Obviously, there is so much more to the "dog" that what appears to be going on at first sight.   We hope you learned something new about our canine friends and gained a bit more respect for these intelligent companions.

Do you have a little doggie secret to share?

We would love go hear below!


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