9 Hipster Dogs will make you want Happy Hats

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Are you up for a good smile or giggle today?



We think these pics may even inspire you to pull out one of your favorite hats OR start your very own hat collection!

Hats are awesome for adding some style and shade to your life.   A put together fashion statement most always involves a hat to top off the look.     

A hat on the head is much like icing on the cake.


Here comes some delicious icing for your day !!


Dog with beatles glasses and hat



Dogs with knit hats



The tiniest sheriff dog in town



Birthday doggie celebrating



2 labs wearing their christmas spirit hats



Cute dog with hat riding on a wagon



Cool gray dog wearing a hat



Miss beagle wearing her garden hat



We worked so hard finding the cutest dogs in hats to bring a light-hearted smile your way.      If you love less talk and more engaging pics, you should also check our cute and funny dog pictures, dogs that love H2O, and our pics of cute kittens.  

 Which pic is your favorite one?    

Pet Hangout is excited to hear your vote.   Leave us a quick comment below!

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