How To Help Your Furious Feline Live Longer

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How to help your furious feline live longer


Cat’s seem like pretty savvy animals.

They are cunning, sly, know how to “fly under the radar” and seem to be on alert and ready to retrieve, even during sleep!

So it begs the question that so many people have asked us - How long do cats live anyway?


Thinking back over my experience with kitties, even from a very early age, I can remember some sweet babies that didn’t make it even a year or two.    The cats that lived outside would inevitably lose their life in sad car accidents or fall prey to other animals.


Then, I remember some cats that lived inside with us that made it to 13 - 19 years!


I had a cat named Chelsey that lived to be 19.   She was an amazing Calico that was healthy as could be growing up.   She was always active and loved to play, even in her senior days.    I fed her Iams cat food and stayed away from people food always!   She was a gem and so beautiful!!   Read Chelsey's full story to see more pics of her and learn about her spirited personality.


Chelsey lived inside and loved to help me work at my desk



On record for the longest kitty life, in Guinness World Records,  is a cat named Creme Puff.  This is beyond unbelievable!!

"The oldest cat ever is Creme Puff who was born on 3 August 1967 and lived until 6 August 2005 - an amazing 38 years and 3 days! Creme Puff lived with her owner, Jake Perry, in Austin, Texas, USA."

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The main determining factor for the life of a cat is whether they live inside or outside.   


An outside cat has so many more obstacles to overcome to stay healthy and happy.    Navigating life to dodge predators,  the elements, the roadway system, and transferred diseases are the main factors that an inside cat just doesn't have to worry about. 


An outside cat also endures a lot of physical and emotional stress just trying to make it another day.    Stress is a major contributor to lowering their immune system and making them more likely to fall ill to diseases.


Outside cats have to endure a lot more physical and emotional stress



On average, inside cats that are well cared for and fed, can live anywhere from 9 to 16 years.    Outside cats can live anywhere from 3 to 6 years.    


You may think some of these numbers are really low but keep in mind we are talking on average.   For every cat that is having success with a long life, you can find several others that were not as lucky.


To give your cat the longest life possible, we recommend the following:


  • Let your cat live indoors as much as possible.


Indoor kitties live much longer than outside cats



  • If they must go outside to explore, give them a controlled environment where they can retreat for protection and get back inside to safety.  


  • Provide them with a well-balanced diet of cat food - not human food.     Our food has way too much sodium and fat for their system.    An obese cat will suffer many health issues and have a shorter life.    If you think about it, not much different from us humans.   We need to lay off the excess salt and fat too…whoops sorry - a bit of a digression!


A playing cat is a healthy cat




  • Take them to visit the vet annually for an exam and critical vaccines.  (...and in my opinion, if you have a totally indoor cat, you can bypass some of the recommended shots because they are not going to be exposed to other disease-carrying animals.   Your vet will frown on this but I'm a huge believer that you give up a little of your cat's health everytime you shoot them up with the latest and greatest vaccine.   Just ask yourself realistically - do they really need it.)



  • Have your cat "chipped".    It's a painless procedure where a chip is implanted underneath your cat's skin.  If they are ever lost, rescues and vets can scan and retrieve your contact information.   Otherwise, your cat may not find their way back to you which is ultra sad for you and kitty.   Most rescues can do this procedure for around $10 bucks.



So, here's to your cat having a long and healthy life! 


Remember, to give them “safe” spots and keep them away from dangerous outside situations as much as you can.    An indoor kitty averages 6 to 10 more years of life over an outside kitty.   Try to keep them on a healthy diet and give them plenty of play opportunities for exercise.   


And don't forget to love your cat as much as possible.   A purring cat is a happy & healthy cat!



What has been your experience with inside vs outside cats?

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