Why My Life Was Looking Grim Before A Miracle Happened

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Sam sleeping under the chair.



I wanted to finish my intro story for you today.    


Meow…It’s Sam again…

The last time we talked my human, Donna, had locked me in her upstairs bathroom.  Then one day she decided to leave me at a very loud place where there was lots of barking and meowing…  

I suddenly fell into a deep, deep sleep…

Have you been wondering what happened to me?   

Listen, it took me a while to figure this out but here goes…

Apparently, they put me to sleep so they could cut on my jewelsi Know right!…


I have gathered that this was supposed to help calm me down and stop chasing little sweet Patches, Donna’s neighbor’s cat.

Do you know what else they did?   They shaved ALL THE HAIR off my ummm..well you know…those things back there….I lifted my leg the next day to wash and man, on man..were things different back there…


Sam with his jewels shaved.


So apparently after they did this, they decided that Donna should come to get me again.


So I’m thinking..can I really trust her now?   I mean look what she let them do to me!!   Would you trust her again??   

Anyway, I think she felt really guilty because she took me back to her upstairs bathroom and let me hang out there for days and days.


Sam looking cute in the sink.  Sam having his breakfast.


She would come to sit with me, talk to me, and pet me silly.  


Sam showing me some love.



She would even bring her computer and work so I wouldn’t be so lonely.  


Sam watching me work.    



I did enjoy her visits I must admit but I was really ready to get back outside.   My domain was calling me.  I needed to check in with Patches and all….

Oh, I forgot to mention this.   They even cut off some of my ear tip.   I mean, really..was that necessary?    I look like I came in last in a really bad fight.    It’s quite embarrassing.   I have never walked away looking worse than my opponent!


Sam hanging out in the sink.    Sam in upstairs bathroom.



One day, she came in and said, “Sam, it’s time to go.”   She picked me up and took me downstairs, sat me down, and opened the front door.    Well, I looked at her, looked out the door, and made a run for it!


That’s right, I was a free man again.     I hadn’t been outside in about 10 days so I was kind of freakin’ out.    I scurried along and hid underneath some bushes.   Donna came out and called me but I was thinking..nah, I don’t think I’ll answer…  I wasn’t even sure anymore if I liked this girl!    Was she trying to be nice to me or mean?…so many mixed feelings here…


So, when the sun went down, I decided it was safe to head on over to see Patches.    I bet she had been wondering about me too!


As soon as I got there, I saw her!   I ran up to her to say hello and you would think that I looked like a scary monster or something.    Cheddar and Patches ran and hid, then Paula, their human, came outside and ran me out to the drain...

Come on!   Can a guy get a break here?    Can someone be nice to me for a change???  Can you see why my life wasn't looking too good at the moment?   I felt like I was doomed forever to stay on the run.


I later heard that Paula immediately called Donna and told her that I was going to have to go.   Donna got a bit upset because she was starting to fall in love with me.  I mean, come on..can’t you see why?  I am a pretty adorable boy!

Donna asked Paula to give her a chance to get me again before doing this and that she had invested too much time and money in me just to lose me.    I’m not even sure what all of that meant but I thought it was kind of a sweet gesture....meow, prrrr....    They agreed that Paula wouldn’t feed me either and maybe I would be forced to go back to Donna’s house for food…

so here I am hanging out in the drain.   It got me to thinking a bit…   I did have a comfy bed at Donna’s house.. and food twice a day and yummy treats.   She also told me that she loved me…  

considering the reception I got over here at Paula’s, I was starting to miss Donna when…wait…what do I hear??     “SAAAAMMMM... SAA  AMMMM”....

It was Donna calling me!!!     Purrrrr..she is begging me to come back…


Heck, I’m no idiot…I leaped out of that drain and headed back to Donna’s as fast as my little kitty legs would carry me!   I mean, I had seen 2 pretty girls in her window..  maybe they would like me even more than Patches did…which really has not been much now that I think about it!  


  I’ve had nothing but grief since I’ve been coming over here..and that guy, Cheddar…he is a troublemaker I’m telling you.   He was always telling Patches things about me that simply weren’t true!!


Suddenly, my heart knew where I needed to be…  back over at Donna’s….  I couldn’t wait to get a pet.   

I bet I got back to her porch in minutes…   I’m sitting at her front door when what do you know, she comes up and sees me and opens the door.

She grabs me and encourages me to come inside.  She closed the door behind me.

That my friend was the very last time I had been outside to roam around.   My life changed forever that day.   For the better I might add!

Donna decided to make me an indoor kitty cat.   Now, we had some adjustments to go through but I made it!  


Sam on his scratcher.  Goofy Sam under the chair.


Till next time my friend….I’ll fill you in on some things I learned, some challenges I had on becoming an inside kitty, and some trouble I got into… tee hee hee....

Purrs and Rubs,


Sam the Cat


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Do you think I liked becoming an indoor kitty cat?

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