21 New Year Resolutions Your Crazy Cat May Need to Make

Posted by Sam The Cat 12/27/2018 0 Comment(s)

21 new year resolutions your crazy cat may need to make


Your kitty need to make some New Year Resolutions?  

Hi Peeps, Sam The Cat here...   I have put together the Top 21 New Year Resolutions Your Crazy Cat May Need to Make!!  

Check them out NOW...  



1 - I will never ever EVER hiss at my human again.


cat hissing at her mom




2 - I will always cover up my stinky poop in the litter box.


stinky kitty litter



3 - I will stop scratching up Mom’s expensive sofa.


kitty sitting on top of sofa




4 - I will stop doing “bad kitty things” and blaming the dog.


cat and dog playing with a string.




5 - I will pick up my fur after I bite it off from a grooming session.


kitty taking a bath.




6 - I will stop stealing things and hiding them under the couch.

kitty in front of christmas tree.




7 - I will stop chasing the family dog.

doggie running away from a cat.




9 - I will quit picking fights with the newest member to our pet family.

kitty picking a fight.




10 - I will stop scratching up the door when it’s closed.


kitty scratching on door.




11 - I will not climb Mom’s real houseplants.


kitty surrounded by plants he likes to climb.




12 - I will notify Mom of any cat "throw up" BEFORE she steps in it in the middle of the night.


kitty sitting in the dark.




13 - I will NOT steal food off the kitchen bar.

kitty sneaking food off of the bar.




14 - I will stop sleeping in the dog’s bed.

dog asleep in his bed.



15 - I will not climb the curtains.

kitty sitting in the curtains.




16 - I will keep my tail away from real candle flames.


kitty promises to keep its tail out of the burning flame. 




17 - I will not drink out of the toilet - Mom gives me plenty of fresh water!

kitty drinking from toilet.




18 -  I will not run in a room when my Mom doesn’t see me and get closed up in it.

kitty sneaking inside of door.




19 - I will only trim my nails on real trees or scratching posts!


kitty playing on his scratching post




20 - I will not pee on important stuff when I’m mad at my humans.

kitty at the holidays.




21 - I will not play with the toilet paper and unroll all of it.


If your kitty can make some of these resolutions, I know they will be well on their way to becoming one of the best cats on the planet!

Personally, I'm making a resolution to stop picking on the new pet kids in the house and stop stealing things and hiding them under the couch...meow...prrrrrrr......

Tell next time peeps.....


sam the cat

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How about your cat?

What New Year resolution are they making?


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